A Tarot Reading on Abundance and Gratitude


For modern day witches and pagans the Autumn Equinox is a special time. It is a time of transition, inching ever closer to Samhain and the darker time of year that magical people revel in. The air itself changes: we go from heavy and humid weather to cool and crisp weather. Nature around us transforms into a palette of vibrant reds and golds. The very world shifts into an Otherworldly landscape. Mabon/the Autumn Equinox is also known as the Second Harvest, following Lughnassadh in August. At this time our gardens are full of vegetables and fruits ripe and ready to be harvested. It is from this that at Mabon/the Autumn Equinox we celebrate abundance and give thanks for where we have plenty. With this idea of plenty, I wanted this week’s reading to focus on abundance and gratitude. Take a moment to pick one of the cards that you are most drawn to and read the interpretations below.

If you picked the card on the left you picked The Sun. With the Sun Card you can celebrate emotional success. Your life is spiritually abundant and you feel light, brilliant, and divine. Right now your relationship with divinity comes to the forefront: it is a time where you feel liberated from worry and anxiety as a result of your dedication to magic and creativity. If these interpretations feel like something you want to experience more of in your life, you picked this card to remind you that now is a time to take care of your emotional wellness. Reflect on where you have strengthened emotionally and grown spiritually. Consider the times in your life that you’ve felt the most happy. Contemplate what the most satisfying activities are in your life. Hold onto these sensations and memories, as they will allow for you to identify moments of pure happiness. Some associate the baby on this card as the Sun King, so in considering the Sun King’s association with rebirth, spend time in the coming week discovering where you would like to transform and be reborn. Speak with divinity through meditation, prayer, chanting, spell, or ritual to help you make this so. 

If you picked the center card you picked the Ten of Pentacles. With the Ten of Pentacles you can celebrate domestic success. You have abundance with your homestead and health. Right now your relationship with those in your home and tribe come to the forefront: it is a time to embrace the coziness and luxury of your home life. If these interpretations feel like something you want to experience more of in your life, you picked this card to remind you that now is an excellent time to create sacred space. Reflect on what you have already done to stabilize your homestead and grow your financial security. Looking forward, what can you do to ensure your private space provides comfort, inspiration, and support? This card also reminds me of the rune Othala, which represents estate, inheritance, and ancestors. How does your ancestry influence and inspire you? And finally, the Ten of Pentacles may be an indicator that now is a wonderful time to break dull routines and try out leisurely, pleasurable, and exciting new activities.

If you picked the card on the right you picked the Nine of Cups. With the Nine of Cups you can celebrate public success. You have an abundance of social success and a calendar full of opportunities. Right now your relationship with your community comes to the forefront: the world loves you and supports you in your endeavors. If these interpretations feel like something you want to experience more of in your life, you picked this card to remind you that now is a time to share your joy with the world. Reflect on the worldly gains you have recently relished in and social encounters that made you feel hopeful. Your story is inspiring, so moving forward, ask yourself who you can help to succeed. The Nine of Cups is also traditionally seen as the “Wish Card,” as it is believed that when you receive this card you can make a wish and it will come true. Finally, this card can indicate a time to be mindful of your own personal reserves: that is, take time to care for yourself by slowing down and allowing for pauses in your wild (but rewarding) schedule. 

Magical Energies and Activities for the Harvest Moon


This September's full moon is a special one: it lands on Friday the 13th in the astrological sign of Pisces and is the Harvest Moon. Many witches feel delight and excitement at this time of year, perhaps feeling a magical draw to the transitory qualities of progressing towards autumn and inching nearer and nearer to Halloween. This Harvest Moon is a wonderful time to reflect on your spiritual growth, examine where you have been most successful, and develop plans based on fulfilling your deepest desires.

Harvest Moon: The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox. As the name implies, and according to the Old Farmers’ Almanac, this was a time of gathering summer crops under the early evening moonlight. Symbolically this indicates a time of abundance, and for witches this is an opportunity to work with magic that brings gain into your life. Because it lands close to the Autumnal Equinox the Harvest Moon is also a time to focus on lifestyle balance, health and wellness, and peace of mind.

Full Moon in Pisces: When the moon is in Pisces the energy is emotional, poetic, and spiritual. It can be intense for some, inviting and intoxicating for others.

Friend, colleague, and astrologer extraordinaire Suzie Kerr Wright shares a little more insight with me about the astrology behind the full moon in Pisces this Friday the 13th: “For some it may feel like scattered energy, like you're unable to make a decision, plans may just fizzle out. But internally, there's a challenge to access your inner strength. Take a hard look at where you're not fighting for yourself, where you've given up your power, let yourself down or let negative talk take up space in your head. Give yourself a chance to let your ego step aside and take a good honest look at what's behind a lack of confidence, self esteem and decision making. You'll get a serious glimpse at who lives behind your mask and see just how awesome you are.”

Celebrating the Harvest Moon: With all things considered I think this Harvest Moon is an excellent time to take inventory of what you’ve grown in your life and then contemplate what steps you need to take to leap into following your most courageous and bold dreams. This may mean taking time to do a Pisces activity like meditating and writing down dreams, but I think Harvest Moon also requires a little bit of mundane planning and magical planting.

Here are some activities that you can enjoy this weekend that will also sync up with the Harvest Moon’s Piscean energy:

  • Practice the divination technique of scrying, which is gazing into a reflective surface

  • Or, get a psychic reading from your favorite reader

  • Take a ritual salt water bath

  • Or, go swimming in the ocean or a lake

  • Connect with ocean gods and goddesses

  • Work on a creative project like playing music, painting, or writing

  • Harvest magical herbs under the moonlight

  • Treat yourself to a Reiki or Acupuncture session

  • Use sandalwood and jasmine oils or labradorite and amethyst crystals if you wish to enhance psychic premonitions and dreams during this time

  • Use cedarwood and patchouli oils or black tourmaline and smoky quartz crystals if you want a little extra protection and grounding during this time

  • Use lemon balm and sage oils or sodalite and aquamarine crystals during this time if you are focusing on improving your well being during this time

  • Do a yoga routine that promotes balance

  • Try a float tank session for relaxation and soothing sore muscles

  • Explore a watery and Pisces-centric diet such as melons, cucumbers, smoothies, water or tea with lemon, seaweed salad, steamed vegetables, and fresh in-season fruit like apples

  • Write out your dreams and map out plans and actions you can take to reach them

  • Do a spell for success or create a honey jar

However you plan to enjoy this lovely full moon and weekend I hope it is a comforting, inspiring, and magical one!