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Curious divination for the Remarkable practitioner

We have been obsessed with predicting the future ever since the dawn of civilization. We’ve watched the stars, gazed into crystal balls, thrown bones, and read cards with the hope of getting a glimpse into future events. We have found ways to divine with just about everything! A Curious Future is your guidebook to the more curious and lesser known forms of divination. Learn to develop your psychic abilities, learn how to scry, read tea leaves, work with runes, see auras, decipher omens in the clouds, and much more.



“Kiki is the wonder woman witch of divination and this is one amazing collection of techniques to incorporate into your practice! Check it won't be disappointed!” - Michael Herkes, author of GLAM Witch

“Kiki recounts the noteworthy histories of these numerous divination systems and explains how each method is used. A Curious Future is a great, compact book about divination from a knowledgeable practitioner and is great benefit to any divinatory seeker.” - Zehara Nachash, review in Witch Way Magazine

Well researched, well written and yet - amazingly simply stated. Brief yet concise information that - simply put - lures you to want to try methods not tried before.” - Amazon Review